Travel Wheelchair in a bag

We are delighted to introduce the Ypush assisted electric folding wheelchair.  This will be welcomed for so many family members, carers and support people.  The Ypush electric chair is freewheeling but if you need help up a ramp or steep hill, simply press the button and the electric assist will take the strain.  When on hills if you stop the brakes will automatically lock when going up or down!


·      Airline compliant

·      Cruise line Compliant


The world’s only Carer-controlled wheelchair that can be pushed manually, BUT with seamless Power available at any time or any speed, without stopping or even changing any settings. This really is a true hybrid wheelchair with no compromise - Push, Power, or a combination of both - the choice is yours!


In locations where it is hilly and roads are undulating the Ypush, again excels.  It’s all about peace of mind.  The service user can be distressed hearing their loved one or care worker struggling to push them up hills, ramps or shopping areas and it’s tough work for the person assisting but not any more with the Ypush. 


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How easy is the Ypush to assemble and disassemble?

The Ypush comes with the travel bag and a battery bag.  These are the simple steps to follow when assembling:

1.     Remove from bag

2.     Extend footplates

3.     Unclip the packing clip on chassis

4.     Push down on seat to open the chair up

5.     Pivot both footplates into position

6.     Raise both pushing handles until they click into place

7.     Fit battery into Right-hand side arm rest

8.     Ensure brakes are on before service user sits in chair

9.     When ready to go, release brakes by pressing lever down and away you go


To Disassemble simply reverse the procedure, remember to remove battery and clip the chassis together with clip to prevent any pinching etc.



Dual drive – manual and powered modes

Seamlessly combine power drive and assist with manual mode – make stranding a thing of the past.


Seat Belt

Seat belt ensures the service user is safe and unable to roll forward


ADS™ advanced drive system

Brintal’s bespoke ADS™ controller beats at the heart of the Ypush.


Ultra-torque integral motors

Super efficient high output integrated motors delivering the power to move.


E-turn power steering

Power-assisted steering makes the Ypush so easy to manoeuvre.


Fail safe breaking

Twin disk automatic breaking.


SWL (Safe Working Load) 100kg 220lbs 15.5 St

Robust construction for everyday use.


Unfold and go in 60 seconds

Rapid assembly and stowage.


Dual anti-tip system

Electronic and mechanical anti-tip systems guard against tipping.


Airline and cruise line compatible

Take your Ypush with you.


Puncture proof tyres

One less thing to worry about.



Super-light and ultra-portable.


Lightweight rapid charge battery

State-of-the-art Lithium battery technology – super light and fast to charge.


USB charge & power accessories on board

Charge and use your accessories on the move.


Occupant sensor system

Avoids unintended use.


Fully tested and compliant

Class 1 medical device compliant.


Swing-away footrests

Improved occupant access.


Dual drive – manual and powered modes

Seamlessly combine power drive and assist with manual mode – make stranding a thing of the past.


Who Benefits?

The Ypush is designed to make life easier for someone needing to push a family member or service user more easily.


·      Family Members

·      Care Workers

·      Support staff

·      Nurses

·      Residential workers


When assisting people with mobility issues, it can be a long hard day’s work.  Anything that can ease that pressure is surely a good thing.  An average day can look like the following:

·      Dressing and washing in the morning

·      Preparing meals

·      Assisting in-out lounge seat

·      Helping them go to the rest room

·      Going to the shops

·      Trip out to see friends

·      Visit doctor appointments

·      Sight seeing

·      Going for meals

·      Dealing with service users having accidents, clean, redress

·      In/out of bed

·      Preparing evening meals

·      Taking to bed

All these things take energy.  The Ypush takes the strain.


Travelling Information for aircraft and cruises


Air Travel IATA/UN 38.3 We have tried to make it as easy as possible to travel with the Ypush. The battery has been fully tested and certified for air and sea travel, but different airlines and carriers have different regulations on the size and type of battery they will carry.


·      In some cases you may be asked to disconnect the battery, place the isolation ‘’bung’’ in place, and leave the battery inside the armrest compartment of the Ypush.


·      Alternatively, the airline or carrier may ask you to remove the battery so they can store it in the hold, or they may ask you to pack it in the Battery carry case and take it on board with you. Refer to page 18 for battery removal information.


CERTIFICATION FOR SEA AND AIR TRANSPORTATION Certification document: IATA/UN 38.3 & ISO 62133-2: 2017 Model: YPE01/1 Battery type: Lithium-ion Capacity: 36v/5Ah/180Wh Weight: 1.3kg INFORMATION FOR YOUR AIRLINE OR CARRIER Your airline or other carrier may view the transport information @ www.ypush .com via a browser or use a smartphone to scan the QR code below. IATA/UN 38.3