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Etac TwinSheet4Glide Long - 1 Lock Slide Sheet Set

Etac TwinSheet4Glide Long - 1 Lock Slide Sheet Set
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  • Model: IM150/200N + IM85/200LPLNS
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Etac TwinSheet4Glide Long - 1 Lock Slide Sheet Set

Etac TwinSheet4Glide Long - 1 Lock Slide Sheet Set

The Immedia TwinSheet4Glide is a glide mattress suitable for turning and positioning of incontinent service users with severely reduced mobility. The slide sheet set is also suitable for service users with dementia or those who feel unsafe, in pain, heavy or have a high risk of developing pressure ulcers. 

The TwinSheet4Glide is an in-bed system which supports horizontal transfers and turning. It can be used for positioning and for remaining users on their side for personal hygiene, ulcer care and dressing. They are perfect to use as part of a lifting and handling procedure. For example positioning someone to be hoisted using a sling.

The in-bed-system is excellent with providing access for personal hygiene. Disconnect the lower part of the set and you will have easy access for cleaning, care of pressure sores and dressing.

The 1 Lock Set is ideal for those with limited mobility. This will lock underneath the buttox only. If you have someone who is more mobile the 3 Lock Set would be more suitable. Click HERE to view this set.


Long Sheet Dimensions: W 1470 mm x H 2000 mm

LPL - NS-Lock, NS-Sides Dimensions: W 850 mm x H 2050 mm

Max User Weight: 200 kg

Top Microfiber: Polyester

Middle: 80% Polyester / 20% Viscose

Protection Barrier: Polyurethane

Cover: Polyurethane

Handles: Polyester

Nylon Sheet: Nylon

Locking System: Polyurethane covered nylon

Washing Instructions: Can be wiped with disinfectant. Do not use fabric softener or bleach.


- Turning and positioning

- Provides support for users in the side position

- Personal hygiene, ulcer care and dressing

- Moving higher up in bed

- Horizontal transfer

- Can be used in combination with a hoist

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