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Freeway Raiser Stand Aid

Freeway Raiser Stand Aid
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Freeway Raiser Stand Aid

Freeway Raiser Stand Aid

The Freeway Raiser is a brilliant sit to stand platform. It is designed to provide a safe, active and transfer for the user. It is perfect for for short distance transfers, such as to/from Freeway Raiser Stand Aidbed to shower chair. 

The exceptional versatility ensures the use with commodes, wheel chairs and sofas etc... The soft and wide padding in the leg support enhances stability, whilst the sturdy handle allows many grip options for both the carer and user, making it more comfortable to use. Rear wheels with manual brakes, make it easier for a carer to manoeuvre the Freeway Raiser whilst providing maximum stability and ensure safety for the service user. The unique handle mechanism for the Freeway Raiser enhances security and safety when using the sit to stand transfer aid.

The Freeway Raiser has an exceptional safe working load of 160 kg.

Accessories are available to meet the needs of the service user. You can have the option of two different styles; Freeway Ladder Belt and Freeway Safety Belt. These are easy to use and are easily attached to the Freeway Raiser allowing the carer to assist the sit to stand transfer.

Manufactured in the UK


Safe Working Load: 160 kg

Turning Radius: 360 degree

Overall Height: 1201 mm

Ground Clearance : 19.50 mm

Front and Rear Castors: 35 mm

Middle Castors: 125 mm

Base Assembly Weight: 12.5 kg

Assembled Unit: 19 kg


- Helps to assist users with sit to stand transfers (must be bale to weight bare)

- Safe working load = 160 kg (25 stone)

- Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre

- Padded leg support for added comfort

- Multiple grip option for both user and carer

- Raiser strap & safety belt for added support and assist the carer

- Rear locking brakes

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