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25 Nov How to use the Oxford Advance hoist
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The Oxford Advance folding hoist is an affordable lift that is useful for travel and also for many of those users with ceiling track systems as a backup in the event of outages.The Oxford Advance is really easy to assemble, weighs 45kg, battery weight 6Kg.We have this video demonstrating how to assemble the Oxford Advance:Quick Steps to AssembleHav..
15 Sep Cushions for pressure sores on buttocks
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We are a UK dealer for Roho, supplying pressure care cushions for pressure sores on buttocks, head, back, legs and any part of the body which has a constant pressure being applied to the skin. Pressure care is the greatest risk to anybody who is elderly with limited mobility to the disabled person who has a severe injury or health diagnosis. If a..
29 Jul Molift Air 500 bariatric ceiling track hoist
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Why is this the Molift Air 500 bariatric ceiling track hoist the UK's no. 1 bariatric ceiling track? When a care facility needs to facilitate for a person who's weight exceeds the maximum SWL (Safe Working Load) of all their current systems, it can be a dilemma. Money is tight, you can't afford to have unreliable kit, it needs to be easy to use an..
16 Jun Pool Lift for Disabled
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Why is the Oxford Dipper Pool Hoist the best lift for people with a disability? 
The Oxford Dipper Pool hoist is the UK market leader for affordable Pool Lift for Disabled people.
The Oxford Dipper Pool hoist is a hydraulic lift that has two models: 
 Oxford Dipper Pool hoist with sling access 
 This pool lift is excellent for giving the disabled..
22 May Bariatric Repositioning Sling
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Our Molift Bariatric Repositioning Sling transfers bariatric service users in their beds.  This protects the service user and prevents injury to support and care staff. How is the Bariatric Repositioning Sling used? The Molift Bariatric Repositioning Sling is used to prevent pressure sores (ulcers) and increase comfort for the service user.  As t..
21 May Second Hand Hospital Beds
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There are second-hand beds and then there are Second Hand Beds…We at AAL LTD have a large network of companies whom refurbish and supply secondhand beds.  These also come with a 6-month standard warranty.  This can be extended to 12 months for additional £75.00 ex vat.  However, if a bed is going to fail, it’s going to fail in the first few weeks, ..
13 May Invacare Hospital Beds & Mattresses
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Invacare Hospital Beds & MattressesWe are the UK dealer for Invacare Hospital Beds & Mattresses, providing Hospital, Community and Domestic Beds and Mattresses at cost effective prices. Ranging from the Medley Ergo Community Bed to the Bariatric and Hi-Lo range. Enable living are here to support and advise you.We at Enable Living can offer the comp..
10 May Clothes for Wheelchair Users
0 295 For Wheelchair Users are not readily available.  However,  we are happy to promote and sell Bombini's fantastic product range of clothes for wheelchair users.  These are designed and manufacturer in the UK by wheelchair users Gary & Matt.  Bombini is creating a brand that's fashionable as well as practical.  The current sporty ..
07 May Oxford Hoists and Parts
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Oxford Hoists and PartsWe are the UK dealer for Oxford hoists and spare parts, providing Lifting and Handling equipment at cost effective prices. Ranging from an Oxford travel hoist, Oxford stand aid/assist, Oxford bariatric range or just spare parts for your existing equipment, Enable living are here to support and advise you. We at Enable Living ..
30 Apr Hoist Weighing Scales
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Hoist weighing scales come in a variety of fitments.  We have a large selection to choose from as every care environment operates differently.  Depending on size, availability of funds and types of service users.The following explains the types of hoist weighing scales available including specialist portable, walk-on and wheelchair weighing scales:..
29 Apr Molift Hoists and Parts on Enable Living!
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Molift Hoists and PartsWe are a UK dealer for Molift Hoists and Parts. Whether, you need a Molift travel hoist, Molift mobile hoist, Molift bariatric hoist, Molift stand aids, Molift patient turner, Molift gantry hoist, Molift ceiling track hoist, Molift slings or Molift spare parts, we are here to support and advise you. We at Enable Living can of..
23 Apr Weighing scales for disabled people
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We are a UK dealer for Seca UK, our range of weighing instruments and scales are designed to meet he needs of every person, whether you need weighing scales due to a disability, elderly or simply to manage your weight in your day to day can supply direct to the consumers of the UK, Small business, care homes as well as the NHS..
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