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Here you will find a wide range of scales, from Seca to Marsden and Floor to Chair, we have the scale for you! Please use the filter to quickly find the type of scale you require.

Brand: Seca Model: 9557021124
Digital Chair Scale With Swivelling Arm And Foot RestsThe Digital Chair Scale With Swivelling Arm And Foot Rests enables users to easily move from their bed to the chair. The chair can be positioned right next to the user saving them and the care unnecessary effort. The swivelling arms and foot rests help give the user more balance when moving into the chair, meaning they will feel more secure and safe when moving. Features Swivelling arms and foot restsSmooth running wheelsCarry case for mains adapter..
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Brand: Seca Model: HW941
Seca Digital Hoist Weigh ScaleThe Seca Electrical Digital Scale for hoists is an excellent solution when needing to monitor patient / service user weight. The scale is portable and easy to attach to most hoists. The scale is generally used with the any mobile or ceiling track hoist.  All is required is that the connection point is a hook or a loop.  The secondary image is attached to a Molift Smart 150 hoist.Features  Attaches to most hoists for weighing and handlingUp to 23 hours continuous use fully chargedSpring safety device stops harness from coming awayBMI (Body-Mass-Index) facilityHOLD function..
£870.00 Inc.Vat
£725.00 Ex-VAT:
Brand: Seca Model: 6757021193
EMR Ready Electronic Platform ScaleThe EMR Ready Electronic Platform Scale is an electrically operated, multifunctional wheelchair/ platform scale. The scales are perfect for users that need to be weighed sat in their wheelchair or users that would have to be seated due to circulatory trouble, even during dialysis. There is a flexible cable remote included that can be placed on a table for convenient read-out and operation of the controls. Specifications Net weight: 27.0 kgPlatform width: 800 mmPlatform height: 55 mmPlatform depth: 965 mmProduct width: 904 mmProduct height: 70 mmProduct depth: 1,064 mmRamp: 1 x integratedPower supply: Mains adapterGraduation: 100 g < 200 kg > 200 gCapacity: 300 kgFeatures - High capacity- Large platform- Flexible cable remote display- Transport castors ..
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£999.00 Ex-VAT:
Brand: Marsden Model: M-110
Marsden M-110 Column Weighing scaleThe Marsden M-110 provides the user with instant & high accuracy readings. You also get a rechargeable battery so you can use it anywhere, perfect for moving between GP rooms and hospital wards. The easy to use scale is Class lll Approved.Option for WIFI or Bluetooth connectivity.FeaturesClass lll ApprovedMDD Approved4 Year warrantyFull numeric keypad for easy BMI calculationsTare function to deduct unwanted weightHold functionAuto power off after 3 minutesWheels to help move the scalePerfect for hospital wards and outpatients..
£450.00 Inc.Vat
£375.00 Ex-VAT:
Brand: Marsden Model: M-125
Marsden M-125 Column ScaleThe Marsden M-125 Column Scale is an entry level, Class lll Approved column weighing scale. With an easy to use indicator, 250kg capacity and weight readings to the nearest 100g, the M-125 column scale is perfect for GP surgeries, health clubs and gyms.The Marsden M-125 is a cost effective solution to weighing service users accurately and comfortably.FeaturesClass lll & MDD ApprovedEasy to use 5-button keypadLarge and clear displayBMI & BSA calculationTare functionHold functionWheels for moving USB portSuitable for GP surgeries, fitness centres and outpatient departments...
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£248.00 Ex-VAT:
Brand: Marsden Model: M-200
Marsden M-200 Bariatric Chair ScaleThe Marsden M-200 Chair Scale is an excellent bariatric scale with capacity options of 250 or 300kg. The extra wide seat is excellent in allowing you to weigh bariatric patients. The high accuracy makes it ideal for weighing patients of all sizes.Offering extra space, comfort and convenience, the Marsden M-200 Bariatric Scale is excellent for hospital environments and obesity clinics.Option for Data Transfer using Bluetooth or WIFIFeaturesClass lll Approved4 Year warrantyExtra wide seatHigh capacityHold functionFul numeric keypad to calculate BMIFour wheels with two brakesExcellent for managing bariatric users weight...
£780.00 Inc.Vat
£650.00 Ex-VAT:
Brand: Marsden Model: M-210
Marsden M-210 Chair ScaleThe M-210 is Marsden's most popular chair scale. The high accuracy, Class lll Approved chair scale is designed for easy weighing of patients who cannot stand. The capacity of the chair scale is 250kg and has a great accuracy of 50g. The Marsden M-210 Chair Scale is perfect for weighing patients in hospitals and care homes.Optional data transfer via Bluetooth or WIFI available!FeaturesClass lll Approved4 Year warrantyFull numeric keypad for BMIHold functionAuto power off after 3 minuteshinged footrests and armrestsFour wheels with two brakesPerfect for care homes & hospital environments..
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£570.00 Ex-VAT:
Brand: Marsden Model: M-225
Marsden M-225 Chair ScaleThe M-225 Chair Scale features a large, comfortable seat that is mounted on a sturdy metal frame. The frame is equipped with four high-quality castors, which allow the scale to be easily moved between different locations.The scale is capable of accurately weighing individuals up to a maximum weight of 225kg (35 stone) in increments of 100g (0.2lb). The weight reading is displayed on a large, easy-to-read digital display that is mounted on a flexible cable, making it easy to position for optimum viewing.The scale is powered by mains electricity or a rechargeable battery, making it suitable for use in a variety of settings. It also features a range of additional functions, including a BMI calculation feature, tare function, and hold function.Overall, the Marsden M-225 Chair Scale is a high-quality, reliable, and accurate medical weighing scale that is ideal for weighing individuals who are unable to stand or have limited mobility.The Marsden M-225 Chair Scale is a medical weighing scale designed for weighing individuals who have difficulty standing or have limited mobility. It is specifically designed to weigh people who are seated in a chair, making it ideal for use in care homes, hospitals, and other medical facilities.FeaturesClass III ApprovedCovered by 4 years warrantySimple 5 key button keypadTare function to deduce unwanted weightHold function to ensure an accurate weight is obtainedBMI and BSA calculationUSB Type B portFour wheels, two with brakesSuitable for care homes and hospital wardsBattery life indicator..
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Brand: Marsden Model: M-250
Marsden M-250 Chair Scale with Stand AssistThe Marsden M-250 Chair Scale with Stand Assist is a medical scale that combines a sturdy chair with an integrated weighing scale and a stand assist function. It is designed to accurately measure the weight of individuals who have difficulty standing unassisted. The chair is constructed with a high weight capacity, padded seat and backrest, armrests, and footrests for stability and comfort. The scale is digital and provides precise weight measurements in various units, with a digital display. The stand assist function allows caregivers to provide support and assistance to patients when transitioning between sitting and standing positions, ensuring patient safety. Additional features may include tare function and data storage capabilities. Overall, the Marsden M-250 Chair Scale with Stand Assist is user-friendly and designed for use in healthcare settings to facilitate safe and accurate weight measurement for patients with mobility challenges.FeaturesClass III ApprovedCovered by 4 year warrantyPowered seat for weighing patients who cannot stand unaidedEasier weighing processes for allHold function to ensure an accurate weight is obtainedTare function to deduct unwanted weightFull numeric keypad for easy BMI calculationHinged footrests and armrestsFour wheels, two with brakes..
£1,182.00 Inc.Vat
£985.00 Ex-VAT:
Brand: Marsden Model: M-420
Marsden M-420 Digital Portable ScaleThe Marsden M-420 is a robust, digital floor weighing scale. Used by medical professionals across the world, the highly accurate weighing scale is perfect for use in GP practices, hospitals and also in the community. This scale is Class lll and MDD ApprovedFeaturesLarge & clear displayBMI, Tare and Hold calculationPortable & lightweightAdjustable levelling feetLow profile for those with limited mobilityOptional Bluetooth connectivityAluminium structure..
£324.00 Inc.Vat
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Brand: Marsden Model: M-430
Marsden M-430 Floor ScaleThe M-430 floor scale by Marsden is portable and lightweight. The M-430 is one of the most durable scales available. The M-430 is perfect for GP practices and nurses on the road due to the lightweight design.The Marsden M-430 is MDD and Class lll ApprovedFeaturesClass III ApprovedMDD Approved4 year warrantyReversible weight display so that weight can be read from either side of the scaleTare, Hold and BMI functionLightweight and portableLow profile platform for those with limited mobilityAdjustable levelling feet..
£228.00 Inc.Vat
£190.00 Ex-VAT:
Brand: Marsden Model: M-530
Marsden M-530 High Capacity Bariatric ScaleThe Marsden M-530 is a high capacity and high accuracy bariatric scale. The scale has a low profile base and a separate indicator for discreet weighing. You can either choose a 300kg capacity or 500kg with also the added option of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity.Class lll approved bariatric scale!FeaturesClass lll Approved4 year warrantyRemote indicator for discreet environmentsUltra low platform for those with limited mobilityFull numeric keypad to calculate BMIAuto power offPerfect for hospitals, GP's and weight loss clinics..
£630.00 Inc.Vat
£525.00 Ex-VAT:
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