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Bariatric Cushions

Here you will find our wide range of our bariatric pressure cushions. If you have any questions on the products listed, please call the office on 01772 814555.

Brand: Apex Medical Healthcare Model: SEDENS140KIT
Sedens 410 Seat Cushion Alternating Cushion works with APEX alternating mattress system pumps and hybrid design with alternating therapy to relieve pressure.Features Hybrid cells 24 hours pressure area care Non-slip base Removable top and base covers for easy cleaning 4 way stretch cover ..
£279.72 Inc.Vat
£233.10 Ex-VAT:
Brand: Apex Medical Healthcare Model: sedens500seatcushion
Sedens 500 Seat Cushion The sedens 500 is a light weight and battery powered dynamic seat cushion perfectly designed to be used in wheel chairs.Features Audible alarm Battery powered Pressure Redistribution A pump carry bag with adjustable strap can fit all sizes of wheelchair Foam support Non-slip base Removable top and base covers for easy cleaning Visual and audible alarm enhances patient safe..
£322.92 Inc.Vat
£269.10 Ex-VAT:
ViscoFlex Bariatric
Top Brand
Brand: Ultimate Healthcare Model: ViscoflexBariatric
ViscoFlex BariatricThe ViscoFlex® Bariatric is a cushion that adapts to the shape of the body, thanks to its visco elastic foam with memory effect. It also has an ergonomic insert that helps lower pressure and improve posture for larger patients. The cushion is perfect for patients who have a very high risk of developing pressure ulcers.The cushion comes with a Polymaille® HD cover that can be removed and allows air to pass through. The cover has strong seams that are welded with high frequency and a hidden zip that prevents fluids from entering the cushion. This makes the cushion easier to clean and prevent infections.Max user weight: 150kg / 8stone – 230kg | 36 stone..
£234.00 Inc.Vat
£195.00 Ex-VAT:
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