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Ramp Accessories and Parts

Here you will find a wide range of accessories and spare parts for your ramps!

Model: ASB
Aerolight Ramp Horizontal Storage KitThe storage kit allows for easy, ergonomic storage on the Aerolight-Classic & Xtra ramps with padlock for security...
£223.44 Inc.Vat
£186.20 Ex-VAT:
Model: ASBV
Aerolight Upright Storage Bracket KitA compact storage and bracket kit for the Aerolight Xtra Ramps...
£253.04 Inc.Vat
£210.87 Ex-VAT:
Model: AJ4
Aerolight Ramp Joining SupportThe Aerolight Joining Support allows you to conveniently combine two ramps together. This works well when there is multiple steps to get over. The joining support is fully adjustable for any height and gradient...
£439.22 Inc.Vat
£366.02 Ex-VAT:
Model: ARLS
Aerolight Ramp Locating Pegs (incl. 2 studs & drill bit)Locating pegs for the Aerolight Ramp range. It includes 2 studs and a drill bit...
£64.72 Inc.Vat
£53.93 Ex-VAT:
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