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Ardoo Flat Swivel Cushion

Ardoo Flat Swivel Cushion
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Ardoo Flat Swivel Cushion

Ardoo Flat Swivel Cushion

The Ardoo Flat Swivel Cushion is designed to be used with the Ardoo Caresafe 140 Hoist when performing car transfers.  Once the user has been lowered onto the seat they can be turned into the car.

About the Ardoo Carefree 140 Hoist

The Ardoo Caresafe 140 portable hoist is a lightweight & foldable hoist which can hoist the service user in and out of a car. The hoist can then be folded compactly and put into the boot of the car.

The small footprint will allow you to use it in tight areas such as bathrooms and can also lift the user off the floor. The Ardoo Caresafe 140 can also be used indoors and outdoors.

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