Invacare Hospital Beds & Mattresses

We are the UK dealer for Invacare Hospital Beds & Mattresses, providing Hospital, Community and Domestic Beds and Mattresses at cost effective prices. Ranging from the Medley Ergo Community Bed to the Bariatric and Hi-Lo range. Enable living are here to support and advise you.

We at Enable Living can offer the complete range of Invacare Hospital Beds & Mattresses:

Invacare Community & Hospital Beds

Enable Living provide Invacare Community & Hospital Beds suitable for in care homes, hospitals and domestic homes. Whilst providing safety and comfort the robust designs make it the perfect solution in environments where profiling beds are required.

The Invacare Community Accent Profiling Bed offers value for money whilst being easy, functional, and safe whilst not looking like a hospital bed! The Invacare Community Accent Profiling Bed meets the highest safety standards, is fully electrically operated and the mattress platform ensures maximum comfort. Unlike most community beds the Invacare Community Accent comes with stylish wooden bed ends in natural beech, it provides a homely feel while having all the benefits of a profiling bed.

The Invacare Community Accent Bed is a 4-section profiling bed, designed to reduce shear and friction to enable the client to enjoy increased comfort when sitting, and avoid migration down the bed. The Invacare Community Accent Bed also comes with wooden side rails for extra support.

The Invacare Medley Ergo Profiling Beds are the perfect balance of budget, functionality and quality requirements. Easily transported and assembled, the Invacare Medley Ergo has a four section profiling mattress, allowing a range of height combinations and providing an ideal position for the carer when attending to the service user.

The flexible design of the Medley Ergo allows the bed to be mounted at a low height or a higher position, creating a range of working heights for the carer and transfer heights for the patient. The unique feature of the bed end, which enables the mattress support to be mounted at both upper and lower positions, facilitates this.

Invacare Bariatric Beds

The Invacare Octave Bariatric Bed is an electrical, robust profiling bed that provides optimal comfort for the service user/. The Invacare Octave Bariatric Bed assists the care of bariatric clients as well as providing a perfect working environment solution for the care

The Invacare Octave Bariatric Bed has an excellent safe working load of 385 kg. The robust, yet stylish bed also has a fully electrical 4-sectioned profiling mattress, providing extra comfort and easier positioning for the carer. Due to the frameless design, service users can be easily attended to from the side. Both the head and foot board can be easily detached for easy access to the head and feet.

The Invacare Octave Bariatric Bed comes with an easy to use handset to control the profiling and height of the bed, whilst the durable castor wheels make it easier to transport.

Invacare Hi-Lo Beds

The MedleyErgo Hi-Lo Profiling Bed sits to the floor, (21 cm in height) which combined with a floor mattress, means that if a fall does take place any harm is reduced. Carers also have the option to raise the bed to a more suitable height, when necessary.

All the Medley Ergo profiling beds are the perfect balance of budget, functionality and quality requirements. In essence, they offer cost effective patient care. They are also easy to transport and assemble.

The Medley Ergo Hi-Lo Profiling Bed also comes with a fully electric, four section mattress system to suit individual patient requirements. The Medley Ergo is also adjustable to support the carer when attending the service user.

Invacare Paediatric Bed

The Invacare Paediatric Bed range includes the Scanbeta NG. This is a paediatric be suitable for children from 3-12 years of age. The Invacare Scanbeta NG conforms to the Nordic Requirement Specifications and meets all the current safety requirements.

This Paediatric bed has a 4-sectioned profiling mattress (for the two standard sizes). The mattress has been designed to maximise the Child's comfort as it has been constructed according to anthropometric measurements. The Height of the Scanbeta can be adjusted from 300mm to 900mm, allowing easy in and out access to children. The Scanbeta has a SWL (Safe Working Load) of 100 Kg and is available with different mattress sizes.

Invacare Pressure Mattresses

The Invacare Essential Care Pressure Mattress is an entry-level soft-form pressure redistributing support surface that meets the needs of individuals who are at low risk of developing pressure sores. The cost effective pressure mattress provides excellent support and comfort for the user. The Invacare Essential Care Pressure Mattress has a zipped outer cover, which is robust and hardwearing, making it less likely to become damaged.

The Invacare Essential Plus Pressure Mattress is also an entry-level mattress. Designed for the community healthcare environment, the Invacare Essential Plus is practical and durable, whilst offering comfort and support for the service user.

The core of the Invacare Essential Plus Pressure Mattress is constructed from a series of 'keyhole cut' cells, which move independently to evenly distribute weight, promoting greater comfort and facilitating pressure ulcer prevention.

Invacare Overlay Pressure Mattress

The Invacare Overlay Pressure Mattress can sit on top of any existing ordinary mattress already in place. The Overlay Pressure Mattress provides high-level patient comfort with superb pressure redistribution capability. The overlay is lightweight and available in a range of sizes. It is most suitable for those who are at high risk of developing pressure ulcers, making it perfect for home care environments.

The Overlay Pressure Mattress is available in single, double and king size. The safe working load is 108 kg (17 stone).

Invacare Dynamic Pressure Mattresses

The Vicair®Academy Mattress 415 is a dynamic Pressure mattress, which provides high comfort and pressure redistribution with responsive SmartCell technology. The Invacare Vicair Dynamic Mattress provides a unique combination of superior pressure redistribution, comfort and optimal positioning, making it suitable for service user which are in the 'Very High' Risk category for developing pressure ulcers. Using static air therapy, the mattress will offer a supportive dynamic service that minimises friction forces.

The Invacare Softform Premier Active 2 Pressure Mattresscomes with the Active 2 RX pump.  The Hybrid replacement pressure mattress provides a dual support surface, which redistributes pressure for the user. The clinically proven design of the Softform Premier foam mattress, combined with the optional alternating air cell layer, provides effective treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers.

With the simple addition of the RX Pump the Pressure Mattress turns into a dynamic pressure mattress, offering additional levels of pressure redistribution, providing a comfier and more supportive mattress for the user.

Invacare Bariatric Pressure Mattress

The Invacare Softform Bariatric Pressure Mattress offers excellent pressure redistribution for bariatric users. Both practical and durable, this pressure mattress is suitable for those who are in the Very High risk category of developing pressure ulcers.

This Bariatric Pressure Mattress provides a high-level of user comfort. Ergonomically designed to meet the demands of community and acute healthcare environments, the Bariatric Pressure Mattress supports carers with managing the needs of a bariatric patient. The Bariatric Pressure Mattress has an excellent safe working load of 340 kg (53.5 stone).

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