We are a UK dealer for Seca UK, our range of weighing instruments and scales are designed to meet he needs of every person, whether you need weighing scales due to a disability, elderly or simply to manage your weight in your day to day life.

Enableliving.com can supply direct to the consumers of the UK, Small business, care homes as well as the NHS.

Weighing scales for disabled people

Our aim is to create a list of products that help people have a easier life.  Weighing scales for disabled people is essential to ensure they are able to stay as independent as possible. Whether, you can walk short distances, need lifting by hoist, able to transfer into a seat, roll over a platform scale in a wheelchair or bed bound, we have a scale for you.

Stephen Pritchard CEO of AAL LTD and Enableliving.com is a paraplegic after a motorbike accident in '92. has this to say...

I have seen many of my friends struggle with their weight, unable to check their weight until they visited outpatients for reviews, we're delighted to now be able to offer home solutions to many people, whether they have a disability, elderly or otherwise.

Our solutions are designed with ease of use, reliability and durability.  Seca is a name we are proud to be able to sell to our customers as we know it's quality.  If you need advice, please don't hesitate to call us on 01772 814555.

Seca 959 Chair Scale
Seca 664 roll on wheelchair Scale