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Brand: aidacare Model: SIT2SIT
The Kera Sit2Sit is a transfer aid that was developed in consultation with Physios and Occupational Therapists to ensure optimal comfort and safety. It is designed to make transfers easy and efficient, requiring only a single caregiver to assist. The Kera is lightweight, manoeuvrable, and has a small footprint, making it easy to store and transport in your home. The Kera Sit2Sit comes in four different versions; Kera80 Low or Tall & Kera120 Low or Tall. Please see specifications below stating differences in height and safe working load.See our video below, Stephen tries the Kera Sit2Sit! The Kera 80 is particularly suitable for transferring lighter people between seats and manual wheelchairs, making it ideal for children. It features a unique chest pad and back strap combination that securely lifts the user's upper body, eliminating the need for standing or sitting strength during transfers.The Keara Sit2Sit transfer aid is a safe, efficient, and versatile option for caregivers and their loved ones. Its unique design features and adaptability make it an excellent choice for those who require assistance with transfers.Key Features:Comfortable transfersSingle caregiver transfersLight and manoeuvrable with small footprintNo standing or sitting strength is requiredSpecifications:CodeDisplay NameTotal LengthTotal WidthSafe Working LoadUnit WeightLeg Gait RangeUK-LSS398200Kera Sit2Sit 80 - Low Model37.4 - 48.4 "23.8 "12.6st35kg16.3 - 43.3 "UK-LSS398210Kera Sit2Sit 80 - Tall Model37.4 - 48.4 "23.8 "12.6st35kg16.3 - 43.3 "UK-LSS398220Kera Sit2Sit 120 - Low Model37.4 - 59.8 "23.8 "18.9st35kg16.3 - 43.3 "UK-LSS398230Kera Sit2Sit 120 - Tall Model37.4 - 59.8 "23.8 "18.9st35kg16.3 - 43.3 "..
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