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Bariatric Rise & Recline Chairs

Here you will find our range of Bariatric Rise & Recliner Chairs. Our range include the Repose Furniture products including healthcare chairs, rise & recliner and hospital chairs. Designed with comfort and pressure care in mind the bariatric chairs can be fully customisable to support your needs. Multiple alterations can be discussed including changing the type of seat or colour to match your décor.

The Repose range provides many different configurations with high safe working loads to support the bariatric users weight and making it more comfortable.

If you are looking to customise your Repose Rise & Recline Chair, please call the office on 01772 814555 to discuss your options.

Arden Bariatric Recliner Chair Arden Bariatric Recliner Chair
Built in the UK
Brand: Repose Model: 6
Arden Bariatric Recliner Chair The Arden comes with unique four motor technology which enables the user to combine independent tilt in space (TIS) movement with independent backrest recline, independent leg rest and rise movements for maximum pressure and posture management options. It offers c..
£2,303.00 excl. VAT
£2,763.60 (Incl. VAT)
Multi Bari Bariatric Rise Recliner Multi Bari Bariatric Rise Recliner
Built in the UK
Brand: Repose Model: 7
Multi Bari Bariatric Rise Recliner Designed for comfort and pressure management control it comes with a standard dual motor offering a wide choice of positions, adjustable waterfall back which is very useful for those with mild kyphosis, scoliosis and reduced muscle mass and interchangeable sea..
£2,168.60 excl. VAT
£2,602.32 (Incl. VAT)
Montana Bariatric Recliner Chair Montana Bariatric Recliner Chair
Built in the UK
Brand: Repose Model: MONTANABAR
Montana Bariatric Recliner ChairReposes Montana Bariatric Recliner Chair offers the user wider arms compared to the standard ranges, by having a larger contact surface area for arm support. The waterfall back cushions provide ultimate comfort. Three deeply soft cushions support the head, neck ..
£1,300.00 excl. VAT
£1,560.00 (Incl. VAT)
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