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Bariatric Folding Frame

Bariatric Folding Frame
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Bariatric Folding Frame


Bariatric Folding Frame

The Bariatric Folding Frame is made from lightweight aluminium tubing and it's suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The height can be adjusted to suit the user's requirements and it has a folding mechanism for easy storage and transportation. The legs have a ferrule tip which provides grip for comfort and security and there is also two comfortable handles to grip for user stability.


Height: 32-39"

Width: 27"

Depth: 22"

Width between hand grips: 21"

Weight: 4.7 kg

Weight capacity: 42.8 st (272 kg)


- Made from lightweight aluminium tubing

- Height adjustable 

- Legs have a ferrule tip 

- Comfortable handles 

- Folding mechanism 

- Easy transportation and storage