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Bariatric Forearm Crutch

Bariatric Forearm Crutch
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Bariatric Forearm Crutch


Bariatric Forearm Crutch

The Bariatric Forearm Crutch is made from sturdy steel construction providing extra strength. The hand grip on the crutch provides the user with comfort, makes it safer and more durable. It has slip resistant ferrules which provide added stability. The shaft and cuff heights are easily and independently adjustable by push buttons for optimal sizing.


Suitable user height: 152-189 cm (60-74 inches)

Height of handle: 71-94 cm (28-37 inches)

Cuff diameter: 12 cm (4.75 inches)

Capacity: 230 kg

Handgrip height: 71-94 cm


- Sturdy steel construction

- Shaft and cuff heights independently adjustable

- Slip resistant ferrules

- Easy to wipe clean

- Supplied in pairs