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Carefree Bariatric

Carefree Bariatric
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Carefree Bariatric


Carefree Bariatric

The carefree overlay is used on top of a standard mattress. It comprises of a foam insert to help provide pressure reduction and features a reinforced core, base and side wall. The mattress provides comfort and protection for the larger patient weighing up to 318kg. The bariatric mattress replacement is ideal for patients considered to be up to a high risk of pressure ulcer development and can be used in a community and long term care setting. 


  • 122 x 198 x 20 cm
  • Maximum weight capacity of 318 kg 
  • Product weight ranges from 32 kg  


  • Foam insert 
  • Reinforced core, base and sidewalls 
  • Non-turn Overlay mattress 
  • 2-way stretch 
  • Waterproof 
  • Vapour permeable PU cover