The Oxford Advance folding hoist is an affordable lift that is useful for travel and also for many of those users with ceiling track systems as a backup in the event of outages.

The Oxford Advance is really easy to assemble, weighs 45kg, battery weight 6Kg.

We have this video demonstrating how to assemble the Oxford Advance:

Quick Steps to Assemble

  1. Have the Oxford Advance positioned in the sitting position
  2. Pull the elastic strap over the front castors and let it retract into the mast
  3. Lay the advance down on the floor, castors down.  When lower keep hold of the front castors (DO NOT DROP)
  4. Apply rear castors
  5. Go to the front of the Advance
  6. Lift mast & boom until vertical
  7. Mast must slide into the floor base
  8. Lock mast with black locking mechanism 
  9. Go to base of the legs and pull the leg locking mechanism out and open the legs as far as possible
  10. Test the closing and opening of the legs using the leg opening pedals
  11. Unhook the spreader bar from the secure fixing
  12. Fit the battery
  13. Hoist is operational

To fold the Advance hoist reverse the procedure.

Tips & Tricks

  • Hoist not operational, won't work? Check the emergency stop button is not pressed in
  • How do I know if battery has failed?  Click it into the charger, within a few minutes the light goes out!  #deadbattery
  • How long does a battery take to charge?  Approx. 8 Hours 
  • Should I keep battery on charge?  Yes, when it's not in operation, put it on charge, if used in a care environment, we recommend a second battery.  When one is operation, there is another charging.  Minimises down time
  • Service the hoist annually if used as a backup solution
  • LOLER service requirements are annual service, 6 months later an inspection and then 6 months later the procedure is repeated

There is no travel bag or case for the Oxford Advance.  If you need a travel hoist that requires a case to protect whist flying, you'll need the Molift Smart 150 portable hoist.

if you would like to arrange a demonstration click on this link.

If you need a service, please click on this link.