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Hospital Bed & Pressure Mattress Package

Hospital Bed & Pressure Mattress Package
Hospital Bed & Pressure Mattress Package
Hospital Bed & Pressure Mattress Package
Hospital Bed & Pressure Mattress Package
Hospital Bed & Pressure Mattress Package
Hospital Bed & Pressure Mattress Package
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Hospital Bed & Pressure Mattress Package

Community Accent Hospital Bed & Invacare Essential Pressure Mattresses

This Community Accent Bed offers value for money whilst being easy, functional, safe and doesn't look like a hospital bed! Invacare have designed this bed with safety and functionality in mind. Operated as a 4 section profiling nursing bed.

This Community Accent Bed provides real comfort for the user along with an appealing design while complying with safety standard IEC 60601-2-52. Ideally suited to residential and care environments, this Community Bed is an economical choice that’s perfectly in tune with your needs. It meets the highest safety standards, is fully Invacare Accent Community Hospital Bedelectrically operated, and the design of the mattress platform ensures maximum comfort. Unlike most community beds the Invacare Community Accent comes with stylish wooden bed ends in natural beech, it provides a homely feel while having all the benefits of a profiling bed. 

The optimised dimensions of the sections of the mattress platform are designed to reduce shear and friction to enable the client to enjoy increased comfort when sitting, and avoid migration down the bed. A lockable tilt is available as a retrofit option to further aid pressure relief and provide a comfortable sitting position. The Bella, full-length wooden side rails in beech are easy to mount without the need for tools. The mattress platform is designed to fit up to 95% of the adult population.

Invacare Essential Care Pressure Mattress

The Essential Care mattress is an entry level pressure redistributing support surface for the service user, residential healthcare environment. Its profile cut surface provides a cost effective solution for comfort and pressure redistribution to meet the needs of individuals ‘at risk’ or ‘high risk’ of developing pressure sores. Essential nursing care is pivotal in pressure ulcer prevention. This mattress will positively contribute to the outcome of a pressure ulcer prevention care plan. Education, clinical judgement and action based planning based on vulnerability are fundamental factors in the prevention of pressure ulcers. A range of assessment scales can be used as a formal method of assessing risk from pressure ulcer development, and should be used in conjunction with an informal assessment (informed nursing judgement). Informal assessment is considered to be of greater importance and clinical value. The risk category in this instance is based on the Waterlow Scale. Mattresses is manufactured to: BS EN 597-1 Cig, BS EN 597-2 Match and BS 7177: Crib Source


Hospital Bed:

Model: Accent with Bella Wooden Side Rails

Warranty: 2 years

Outside Width: 1020 mm (40.2")

Inside Width: 900 mm (35.4")

Outside Length: 2240 mm (88.2")

Inside Length: 2080 mm (81.9")

Height Adjustment: 400 mm to 800 mm (15.75" to 31.5")

Mattress Support Dimensions:

- Head Section: 800 mm

- Seat Plate: 230 mm

- Thigh Section: 300 mm

- Lower Leg Section: 670 mm

Backrest Angle: 0 to 70 degrees

Thigh Angle: 0 to 24 degrees

Leg-rest Lift: 11 degrees

Maximum User Weight: 145 kg (23 stone)

Weight of Bed: 64 kg

Pressure Mattress:

Length: 2000 mm (78.75'')

Width: 880 mm (34.5'')

Depth: 150 mm (6'')

Weight: 12 kg

Maximum user weight: 140 kg (22 st) 


- Cost effective

- Can be easily stored away

- Easy to clean

- Reliable

- Many add-ons to support your service users

- Complies to the Bed standard IEC 60601‐2‐52

- Four sectioned profiling mattress support

- Newly optimised mattress platform sections to reduce shear and friction

- Increased comfort when sitting

- Minimised risk of sliding downwards during profiling

Whats Included:

  • Bed
  • Side Rails
  • Invacare Essential Pressure Mattress
  • 2 year Warranty on bed
  • 1 year warranty on mattress
  • If a call out is needed, this service is chargeable. 


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