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Molift Fabric Stretcher (160 kg)

Molift Fabric Stretcher (160 kg)
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Molift Fabric Stretcher (160 kg)


Molift Fabric Stretcher (160 kg)

The Molift RgoSling Fabric Stretcher is developed to be combined only with a 8-point suspension. See the combination list below for the correct sling and suspension combination. The Molift RgoSling Fabric Stretcher is available in size 160 kg SWL and 300 SWL, in polyester fabric.

Molift RgoSling Fabric Stretcher is a stretcher in polyester fabric for transfers in lying position. The stretcher provides comfort and full support.

Combination List:

8-Point Suspension - Molift Air/Hi Trac

8-Point Suspension - Molift Partner 255


- Full body support

- Polyester Material

- Lying position stretcher

- 160 kg Safe Working Load

- Used in conjunction with certain Molift Hoists