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Oxford Dipper Pool Hoist with Spreader Bar - Stainless Steel

Oxford Dipper Pool Hoist with Spreader Bar - Stainless Steel
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Oxford Dipper Pool Hoist with Spreader Bar - Stainless Steel

Oxford Dipper Pool Hoist with Spreader Bar - Stainless Steel

Please be aware - This the new Oxford Dipper stainless steel and has replaced the older model. The new stainless steel Oxford Dipper now comes with a 10-year life span instead of 7 years.  We expect the original oxford dipper to be replaced fully by the end of September.


Stephen Pritchard, Managing Director of AAL LTD is a full-time wheelchair user and is driven to supply a quality service at an affordable price. The Oxford Dipper Pool hoist is the most predominant hoist within the UK’s NHS hospitals, Care Centres, Private Residential Homes, Yachting & Sailing Clubs, Quaysides, Therapy &Swimming Pools and Health Centres which has a maximum SWL (Safe Working Load) of 22 Stone (140 kg).

The Dipper uses a hydraulic pump to raise and lower service users and gives the support workers and service users peace of mind as it’s not reliant on electricity. To operate the hoist, simply pump the hydraulic pump using the handle to raise the user and to release, unscrew the black pump valve to slowly lower the service user.

There are two variations of the Oxford Dipper Pool Hoist, the standard Oxford Dipper with spreader bar and the Oxford Dipper with Ranger seat. Both variations are available with an array of sockets to meet each individual customers specification.

Oxford Dipper Pool hoist with Spreader Bar

The spreader bar version is designed for service users who use a sling with loops to access the pool etc. The service user will access the pool via a wheelchair and wheel up to the spreader bar. The support person will fit the sling and once ready, raise the dipper by pumping the arm to a height that will enable the sling to be attached and thus raise the service user off the wheelchair. The user will then be suspended by the supporting sling, this person can then be safely lowered into the pool by unscrewing the black dipper release valve into the pool. 

Can you have both options on one Dipper? 

There are two types of Oxford Dipper boom extensions, the 6 point spreader bar and the Ski tube which is compatible with the Oxford Ranger Seat. The 6 point spreader bar is used with slings, slings with loops, not clips.  The spreader bar is very easy to attached, it takes 2 minutes. 

The Ski Tube connects again, very easy. This enables the Ranger seat to reverse up to lift, connect and lift with ease within a few minutes. To demonstrate how easy it is to connect  these attachments, we've created a couple of short videos for your convenience.


Safe Working Load (SWL): 140 kg / 22 st

Boom Length: 1498 mm

Height (socket A & B, boom lowered): 1422 mm 

Height (socket A & B, boom full elevation): 2108 mm 

Base of Seat Above Floor Level (socket A & B): 889 mm

Base of Seat Below Floor Level (socket A & B): 914 mm

Height (socket C, boom lowered): 1572 mm

Height (socket C, boom full elevation): 2258 mm

Base of Seat Above Floor Level (socket C): 1039 mm


- 3 Floor Fixing Options

- Use with almost any swimming pool

- Safe Working Load (SWL) of 140 kg (22 st)

- Spreader Bar and Sling option

- Ranger Transporter option

How do you connect the Oxford Dipper Spreader Bar?

How do you connect the Oxford Dipper Ski Tube for the Ranger seat?

How is the Dipper fitted to the floor? 

The Dipper comes with three (3) options.  Socket A, B and C. The sockets are ergonomically designed to be fit for different materials and finishes enabling the Oxford Dipper to be installed in almost any pool side setting.

Socket A for Oxford Dipper

To fit the socket A, a 1 m sq cube of concrete is required as the minimum recommendation.  If already installed, a 91 mm hole then needs to be drilled 350 mm deep. 

An accredited engineer will then install the sockets interior, casing and socket cap which will then sit flush with the floor.

The Dipper then slots into the socket when in use and once the use has been completed or you wish to store away, simply slide the dipper out of the hole ensuring you have lowered the boom to its lowest point and with the dipper strap, secure the pump tightly to the mast. This will prevent damage to the mast, pump and release valve when transporting the dipper to storage.

After use please ensure the dipper pump is lowered to its lowest possible position, this ensures that the chrome on the hydraulic pump remains oiled and rust free and therefore extending the service life of the hoist. Should the hoist not remain oiled, the chrome will become pitted and this will destroy the internal seals over a long period of time, a new hydraulic dipper pump costs approx. £500.00 exclusive of vat.

Socket B for Oxford Dipper

Socket B is fitted and installed as shown in the picture above, socket B is primarily used in swimming pools which have a water channel around that outlines the perimeter of the pool. Socket B is a replica of socket A with an added base plate which adds additional bracing and support to the Oxford Dipper.

The B socket plate is fixed into place with six 15 mm diameter expanding bolts of the rawplug type, for more information please see the socket construction as illustrated above.

As with the A socket, the B socket is slightly below floor level and is fitted with a blanking plug. The blanking plug can be inserted into the hole when the Oxford Dipper is transported away for storage, this leaves a clean flush finish to the pool sides surface, minimising injury and maximising hygiene in the pool area. 

Socket C for Oxford Dipper

Socket C is surface mounted and stands proud of the floor by approx. 150 mm, this socket is used mainly where there is insufficient depth of concrete for sockets A or B.  

The C socket plate is drilled with four 15 mm rawplug type expanding bolts, the recommended minimum depth of concrete to enable an accredited engineer to install the hoist is 150 mm.

Due to the protruding nature of the socket, socket C adds 150 mm to the overall height of the hoist and therefore alters the maximum height of the bottom of the chair to 1039 mm and the lowest position of the chair bottom below floor level to 764 mm.  For more information, please see the illustration found above.

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