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Alerta Bariatric 2 Replacement Mattress

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Alerta Bariatric 2 Replacement Mattress

Alerta Bariatric 2 Replacement System is a specialized mattress system designed for bariatric patients, offering advanced features to enhance their comfort and safety. The mattress system consists of multiple layers of high-density foam, with a total thickness of 8 inches, providing excellent support for patients with higher body weights.

The Alerta Bariatric 2 Replacement System is equipped with a unique tri-zonal construction, featuring different levels of firmness in different zones of the mattress. This design allows for optimal weight distribution and pressure relief, providing maximum comfort for bariatric patients.

The mattress system also includes a CPR valve, which allows for rapid deflation of the mattress in case of an emergency, facilitating efficient CPR procedures. The cover of the mattress is made of waterproof and breathable fabric, which is easy to clean and helps to protect the mattress from spills and stains.

The mattress system is powered by a quiet and efficient air pump, which allows for customizable pressure settings, ensuring personalized comfort for each patient. The pump is equipped with an audible and visual alarm system that alerts caregivers in case of low pressure or power failure, ensuring patient safety.

Key Features:

    • 350kg weight capacity
    • Removable heel cells
    • Remote control
    • Nylon TPU coated cells
    • Independently removable cells
    • Covert sealed air cells
    • Pillow function
    • CPR release
    • 360 degree zipper
    • Anchoring straps
    • Multi-stretch PU cover
    • Water resistant, vapour permeable cover
    • Antimicrobial, machine washable cover
    • Robust pump connection
    • Transport mode
    • Clinical pressure mapping evaluation
    • Mains management system