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Alerta Lomond Floor Bed (Oak)

Alerta Lomond Floor Bed (Oak)
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Alerta Lomond Floor Bed (Oak)

Alerta Lomond Floor Bed

The Alerta Lomond Floor 2 Bed is a specialized bed designed for use in healthcare and clinical settings. It features a robust steel frame and high-quality components for durability and stability. The bed is designed to be used on the floor, making it suitable for patients at risk of falls or with mobility issues.

It has an adjustable backrest for patient comfort, allowing them to sit up for activities like reading or watching TV. The bed also has a height-adjustable frame for easy caregiver access and transfers. It is equipped with side rails for patient safety, which can be easily raised and lowered.

The bed is equipped with four swivel casters, which allow for easy movement and positioning of the bed. The casters also have lockable brakes to securely fix the bed in place when needed, providing stability during patient care activities.

The bed also has a CPR release mechanism, which allows for quick release of the backrest in case of an emergency. This feature ensures that caregivers can easily perform CPR or other emergency procedures when needed.

Key Features:

    • Available in oak and walnut
    • 3 year warranty on bed frame
    • 2 year warranty on motors and electrics
    • 10 function lockable handset
    • Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg tilting feature
    • Auto regression backrest
    • Knee brake adjustment
    • Click stop lower leg raising elevation
    • Electrically adjustable backrest
    • Four robust braking 3" castors
    • Four-section mattress support with mattress grips
    • Extra high side rails available
    • 20cm bed length extension kit available
    • Tool-free assembling and dismantling
    • Transport system for storage and transporting


    • Maximum Safe Working Load: 200kg
    • Height Adjustment: 9 - 70cm
    • Outer Dimensions: 102 x 213cm
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