Lightweight Rollator Cane Holder
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ByAcre Lightweight Rollator Cane Holder

ByAcre Lightweight Rollator Cane Holder
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ByAcre Lightweight Rollator Cane Holder

For use with the Carbon Ultralight Rollator, the cane holder is perfect for storing your walking stick/cane whilst using the lightweight rollator. Using a 3D printer, the cane holder is designed to match the shape if this specific lightweight rollator. All you have to do is put your walking stick/cane at the bottom of the holder and and click it into the clip, making it easy to use. There is a drain at the bottom of the holder to ensure dirt or water is never collected. The easy to attach/detach function mean you simply click on a clip on the seat frame and push the bottom part onto the rollator frame.


Weight: 0.3 kg

Height: 10 cm

Width: 6 cm

Diameter: 5.5 cm

Material: 3D Printed PE

Colour: Black


- Doesn't collect dirt/water at the bottom

- Easy to use

- Easy to attach/detach

- Specifically designed for the use with Carbon Ultralight Rollator

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