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Atto Sport XL Battery - Up to 40km Range

Atto Sport XL Battery - Up to 40km Range
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Atto Sport XL Battery - Up to 40km Range


Experience boundless possibilities with the revolutionary update to your Atto scooter: the XL Battery. This game-changing enhancement offers double the range, providing you with unparalleled freedom.

Elevated Energy in a Sleek Package

Our engineers meticulously designed the XL Battery, incorporating 39 cells instead of the standard 26. This ingenious engineering packs over 35% more energy into the same compact space as your original battery. The result? An extraordinary single-charge range of 40 km/24 miles, all without altering the scooter's size or appearance.

Bid Farewell to Concerns

With this remarkable upgrade, bid farewell to constant battery checks. Now, you can venture further, indulging in spontaneous adventures without worry.

Seize the Day with Certainty

Embark on your journeys with newfound confidence and independence, covering twice the distance without the need for a recharge. Let your outings be about the sheer joy of exploration rather than concerns about battery limitations.

Embrace Unrestricted Freedom. 

Live life to the fullest, secure in the knowledge that your Atto scooter is equipped for extensive explorations, thanks to the cutting-edge XL battery technology.