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eFOLDi Power Chair

eFOLDi Power Chair
eFOLDi Power Chair
eFOLDi Power Chair
eFOLDi Power Chair
eFOLDi Power Chair
eFOLDi Power Chair
eFOLDi Power Chair
eFOLDi Power Chair
eFOLDi Power Chair
eFOLDi Power Chair
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eFOLDi Power Chair


Unveiling the eFOLDi Power Chair – Ultra-Light, Comfortable, and Ready for Every Journey

Experience the epitome of ultra-light, comfortable, and secure mobility with the eFOLDi Power Chair. This lightweight folding electric wheelchair is tailored for everyday travel, weighing just 15kg (excluding batteries). Effortlessly accommodating small cars and public transport, it unfolds and folds within seconds, revolutionizing the convenience and adaptability of your journeys. 

Crafted from premium aluminum components, this folding electric wheelchair combines a lightweight design with a robust carrying capacity of 135kg, ensuring durability for years to come when properly maintained. With a brief charging time of 2-3 hours, the eFOLDi Power Chair is always ready for your next adventure. Uncover the multitude of features that make this lightweight folding Power Chair exceptional.

  • Effortlessly folds to diminish its size, making it suitable for transport in compact cars and on public transit.
  • Achieving an exceptionally low weight through the utilization of welded tubular aluminum alloy, ensuring robust strength and enduring durability.
  • With a weight of just 15kg (excluding batteries), the eFOLDi Power Chair stands as one of the lightest in its category, making it an ideal choice for both travel and daily use.
  • The Power Chair features a welded aluminum alloy frame, combining lightweight construction with enhanced strength and stability.
  • The chair boasts a soft, breathable yet durable fabric, ensuring comfort during extended use. Additionally, the attendant control feature enables easy chair management for a helper.

Benefits & Features

1. Ultra-Light Design: Weighing a mere 15kg (excluding batteries), the eFOLDi Power Chair redefines mobility with its remarkably lightweight construction, ensuring effortless maneuverability and travel ease.

2. Compact and Convenient: The folding feature allows quick and easy storage, making it a perfect fit for small cars and public transport. The chair unfolds and folds within seconds, providing unparalleled convenience for everyday travel.

3. Comfortable Riding Experience: Crafted with soft, breathable, and hardwearing fabric, the Power Chair ensures a comfortable experience even during prolonged use.

4. Safety First: Designed with safety in mind, the eFOLDi Power Chair offers a secure and stable ride, providing peace of mind for users and their caregivers.

5. Premium Aluminum Components: The chair's construction from top-quality aluminum components not only contributes to its ultra-lightweight design but also guarantees durability, with a carrying capacity of 135kg.

6. Long-lasting Performance: When cared for properly, the eFOLDi Power Chair is built to last for years, ensuring a reliable and enduring mobility solution.

7. Efficient Charging: The short charging time of 2-3 hours ensures that the Power Chair is always ready for your next adventure, minimizing downtime and maximizing usability.

8. Versatile Travel Companion: Whether for everyday use or travel, the eFOLDi Power Chair adapts to your lifestyle, providing versatility and freedom in your mobility choices.

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